October 23, 2004

Let Loose the Rains

Let loose the rains
From Eden, Nirvana, Shangri-la
Wash away, wash away
Cleanse and purify.

Let loose the rains.
Cleanse the marrow
Of hate and fear.
Wash away
The hunger in the wide-eyed child.
The tears of the mother with no job
As she buys a pack of cigarettes
Before going home.

Let loose the rains.
Cleanse the souls
Weary and bruised.
Wash away
The funeral wails from heaving chests.
The dust from hands digging in rubble,
Where is the child buried there?
No, no, when she is found.

Let loose the rains.
Wash away, wash away
Cleanse it all.
The grime in the streets.
My dirty hair.
The thickening air.
The words, the words, everywhere.
The eyes filled with despair.
The screams.
The pain.
The apathy.
The water.
The bricks.
The sirens.
My hands, my hands.
The blood soaked lands.
The torture commands.
The godforsaken sands.
The prisons,
Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.
The news.
The skies.
The lies.
The gutters.
The trees.
My heart.
My mind.
My memories.
The contingencies.

Let loose the rains
From Eden, Nirvana, Shangri-la
Wash away, wash away
Cleanse and purify.

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This is the Poem of Desire

This ache I feel
This hole I try to fill
It makes me cry out
It brings me to my knees.
I know there must be more
To living.
I've lost the way
I've lost the rhythm
The give and take
The dreams I'm livin'
There are too many days
Between the highs and lows
It's all drawn out and slows
To something flat and clean
Of what I had and where it's seen.
I want it all
Not just now and then
But now and when
I want it again.
Too many nights are spent alone
Thinking of you and how it is
When you make me disappear
In the place I've never been
Until now.
You uncovered the waiting truth
Of what I need
I come apart at your touch
And I feel so weak
Yet whole.
I can't walk away so I run instead.
Try to hide and pretend
Like it doesn't really matter
That you have the key
To the place
I need to be
And it makes me tremble
Makes me want to hide
In the face of my own desire.
For what you do to the center of my being,
I have to turn away
I have to deny
My own release
Because I might get lost
Never return
To my body that is laying in your hands.
Begging for more
As I forget to breathe.
It catches in my throat
As I struggle back to the surface
Where the walls are real
Where the sheets are there
To cover my aching
Please don't look at my pain
My surrender
My giving over who I am
And what it takes
To take me.
I crawl to the surface
Of the pool where I'm drowning
And gasp.
I reach out for your hand
Needing more
Needing you
Free falling in the the abyss of desire.
I bite my lip and fight back the tears
I am afraid
That I'll never truly let go,
And that I will,
And I will want you
Need you
Only to be left wanting and needing
To let go
In the emptiness of my days.
I can't let you do that.
I can't open myself up to the endless possibility of your touch.
Where does that leave me
As I struggle to hold on to some piece of me
You can never touch
Can never release.
But that is what I desire
More than life itself
The moment where I disappear
Where we become something other
Than this physical reality.
I beg you
Take me there
Don't let me withhold
The surrender I need.
Don't stop even when I do.
Can you hold me over the cliff
And not let me fall?
I want to believe in you
I want to believe in me
That I won't disintegrate
Into pieces that will never be put back together.
So I wait
And hope
And wonder
Where are you in all of this?
Do you want to run when you read of my desire?
Is it all too much and should I have kept quiet?
My heart beats in odd rhythms
Hoping to find you there waiting
Saying yes
You want this too
That you will take this chance
Of where I lose myself to you
And you won't leave me hanging
Off the edge of life.
Are you afraid?
Does this power you have over me
Make you want to run?
Have I asked too much
Given too much
Or can you hold it all and see it
For what it is
A chance we may never have again.
And can I wait to hear
Can I ever let myself say this to you?
Can I bare it all like this to you?
And what do I do now
In this admission of my desire?

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New Life

Writhing in the ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Gasping air into lungs
First breath not last
Rebirth not death
Writhing in the ashes
Blackened gray in the first light
First day after last night
Sucking drawing air into body
There used to be wings
Gold, amethyst, emerald
I was beautiful once, beautiful.
Soaring in the sky, soaring
Full of grace, graceful and glory
Soaring beautiful, graceful, in glory.
Writhing, grasping, blackened ash
New day, new life, beginning here
In this dust and ash.
When I soared in beauty I could sing
Sing so blessedly the lions in the jungle
Stopped roaring and cried
Soaring beautifully, singing blessedly
Melodies that angels didn't dare dream of
Blessed grace, amethyst emerald
Some day again
Writhing in ashes after the fire
The funeral pyre of gold
Amethyst emerald feathers
Bones and body fire now ash
And I writhe and gasp the first breath of air
On this new day of new life
Wings will emerge and carry me away
Carry me carry me carry me away
One day new wings
One day
New Voice
One day
Soar and sing and carry me away

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