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November 07, 2004


Benjamin Orion

Hi Gale,

We do need to comment here, to make this Manifesto idea more useful.

I am quite radical in one way: like you I want language such as 'God bless America' or 'In God we trust' out of political speech and off of money. The Constitution is a purely rational document as far as I am concerned, a device to try to preserve freedom and rights and make society better. However, any politician who says this is probably doomed.

Likewise, it might be wise for gays to be more moderate in pressing their issues, given the fact that even Oregon voted against gay marriage on the ballot. A civil union would allow hospital visitation rights, inheritance of property, etc. You don't want the entire government to be Republican for the next 20-50 years, do you? :-)

One thing that should really happen: the morning after pill. For God's sake, you are surely not killing anybody the morning after. That's the best time to have an abortion, if you're going to have one.

As for religion, I consider the entire Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition to be outdated. No more prophets giving order from God! I much prefer the 'spiritual' or 'mystical' approach of the East, with maximum personal freedom. In Buddhism you don't even have to believe in God, only in the possibility of higher states of consciousness.


Hi Ben,
I think marriage should be left to the churches, as a religious ceremony, and the government should grant all couples the legal procedure for civil unions - heterosexual and homosexual alike. Already, the state has to provide the license, and then couples have the option of participating in a religious or civil ceremony to make the union official. The ceremony can be carried out by a religious person, or a secular officiant such as a judge. This does not need to change. Except for allowing all couples to receive the license, and then pursue which ever ceremony they prefer, religious or civil, to mark the occasion.
Then, it is up to the churches and ministers, to provide a religious service for those who they feel they can, in line with their own beliefs. As is done now, without government interference. There are denominations which will provide religious services for gay couples. They should be free to do so, and have the ceremonies carry the same legal standing as any marriage they conduct.
This would represent a complete separation of church and state in this issue. And there is no justification for not doing it this way - in my opinion.


I would like to start of by saying this was a very well worded manifesto and well written! But I disagree with the way you are trying to dismiss God who is creature of all from what is a world that is in need of him! You say buddhism the way of the East, you don't even need to believe in God, what spirit are you going to receive from budda who was a man like you and I. If God was good enough for our four fathers what makes us better than they, the bible state "no man cometh into my fathers house but by me" that me is the Lord of lords and King of kings and also your budda! What mystial why are you looking for? Give credit to whom it belongs, you also say " for gods sake" what does that mean to you, sounds as if your lost! Also you are putting the president on this chopping block as if he is also not a human as you and I, he is not perfect by no means. If givin the job title as president do you feel u can do better? Are you that prefect to were you can take a side seat and judge others. It would be better to make a compliant about the white house staff than the president he does not look up his own infomation or write his own speeches. Man will always fall short when judged by others.


Not everything our forefathers did was right (eg. slavery). Advice to the next person leaving comments: If attempting to justify on the legitimacy of god, then for god sake (it is a common expression, as is god bless you), please present your argument in a more logical manner. Please do not form your argument based on what was written in the bible, for obvious reasons. And please tone down on the sarcasm.

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