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November 09, 2004


Benjamin Orion

Oh gosh! I guess I do seem elitist and priggish when I read myself over here, especially in the culture section. It's just that I like a nice mellow peaceful attitude towards life. Maybe I should move to California, but are they even like that anymore? And I like art and culture that is beautiful, inspiring, all that good stuff. I hate punk, rap and anything else that jars my nerves. Classic rock has a lot of beauty and grandeur, and so does classical music. I don't apologize for my fear of the more demented aspects of Islam, but of course many Muslims are definitely peaceful, and many more are confused... I believe it is hard to find a 'liberal' Muslim, due to peer pressure and indoctrination, but I could be wrong...


Hi Benjamin,
I was shocked by some of my own words, too. Or how it all might appear to others, when taken in totality like that. And it was surprising that I was hesitant to write some things, too.
None of us are perfect, and we can all grow, and be stretched, if we are open to that.
I have met liberal muslims. They do exist. We just don't see them represented in the mainstream media. I actually know some!
Thanks for sharing your manifesto with us. I hope we get more commenting going!

Benjamin Orion

I updated the language in my blog to make the Culture section sound less pompous, in my opinion. That's the only problem with this Manifesto concept ... that these manifestos can't be updated. It's OK, though.

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