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November 09, 2004



hey. I love this website/post it has some very true things yet flawed as every thing is. As far as the religion, I am technically Jewish although I hate all religions. I have beliefs of atheism but I am not an atheist. I don't know what I am as far as religion. I don’t worship anything or anyone or any fake "ONE". I believe that we slowly mutated or as scientist say so people don’t get freaked out "evolved" from different creatures and became what we are now and will slowly mutate forever. As far as political party I too despise democrats and republicans although I'd rather put up with a democrat than a republican. George Bush is the stupidest person there is. Osama Bin Laden supposedly sets up the attack on the twin towers which was to cover up that it was really the FBI trying to find a way to attack Iraq because they haste Saddam Hussein and wanted him out of power, but Bush being the dumbass he is said that Osama is in Afghanistan, which he was, so the U.S. must attack Iraq. And people bought this bullshit? And elected him AGAIN? This shows the stupidity of the human race. Well going back to the political party... If I were to call myself anything, politically speaking, I am a communist. Communism is the best political decision although hard to fulfill as no one has yet achieved. The whole idea of communism is as close to perfect as a political party can be. It controls the people and divides people equally keeping everyone has wealthy as everyone else, which that alone pretty much takes care of most segregation between the rich and the poor. The problem with it is that the real idea is so complex that it is very, very hard to really make happen. Every country that has tried to become truly communist always ends up as becoming a totalitarian state, not communist. The U.S. government perceived this as communism and being how bad a totalitarian state can get, they decided to attack everyone trying to achieve communism. I don't think that people know that China is the country that has come closest so far to becoming a true communist country and has been thriving ever since it became communist over dynastic cycle. KARL MARX IS A TRUE GENIUS! But as I said before nothing can be perfect and that is the fact that it is very, very hard to achieve taking decades to get right for the country and, which has already been seen, the U.S. government will not let any country do. The government is only letting China grow as a communist country because they know that Chine would beat the shit out of the U.S.! There needs to be someone truly smart who understands other ideas besides democracy to finally go into the presidential office. This will never happen though because, lets face it, Americans in general are stupid and oblivious to government shit. I think that since the U.S. is "such a great nation" (haha) we should try to really become smart and try to achieve what no other country has done before and truly become a communist nation, a real communist nation not a totalitarian state which is ALWAYS mistaken for as communism. I could talk about this and many other ideas but I need to rest and will comment more later and I think this is a pretty long comment and if it gets too much longer then people will think im just ranting about nonsense. READ IT, REALLY THINK ABOUT IT, AND FORM YOUR OWN DECISIONS! IT'S WHAT AMERICANS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO BUT WON'T BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE BUT REALLY THEY'RE JUST GOING ALONG WITH WHAT THE GOVERNMENT TELLS THEM TO DECIDE ON!

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