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September 09, 2005




You are a hoot!


Join us on the dark side... you'll like it!!


yes. this is so appropriate. Using a national tragedy to platform your ideas. I am appauld at the lengths some people will go to.


Joey, are you appalled or do you want to applaud? It makes a difference.

And don't even go there... your president has used this national tragedy in ways that is beyond deplorable.

If you have nothing more to add to the discussion than a regurgitation of Republican talking points you probably received in an email, I will no longer respond to your trolling.


I was not aiming at a response from you or anyone. I am just making a comment on the one sided propoganda you keeping posting your michael morrish site. I have listened, read, and researched both sides of the coin. Yes, your right I am a staunch republican. However, I am also pro-choice and dont believe in school prayer. So, I am capable of making informed comments. Now, like I have said before. The president is not the subject per say. Yes, he has veto power. But if you have studied government and understand its workings, you will find that you are very mistaken in your view of who makes these agendas.
As for the cindy issue, yes you have a right to protest. My problem was that she wanted to be special or in the spotlight if you will. She already meet with the president. What more did she intend to say? Her son joined the military to defend our country. Do you and Cindy think that 9/11 is not worthy enough to fight for our country? Do you think that all those families would agree with you? What I would suggest is you research Iraq and Afghansitan. THen make a informed comment on the war. I have done more homework and been there. Have you?

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