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August 24, 2005



I commented before and Ill comment again. Have you realized that most protests take place outside of a public facility or structure. Not outside of a home where other people than whom your protesting live. As anyone thought of the fact that your infringing on the rights of others while you stage this? If you care so much about the quality of life, why are you damaging it for those who live there? I would suggest you think about it. Its kind of like the pro-lifers. They are against abortion, but they will shoot doctors that perform it. How is that pro-life? I a bush supporter. I support him in doing what clinton didnt have the courage to do. Protect and defend our country. Are you saying that what happened in 9/11 isnt enough to take a stand? I think it is, especially since that was the second time it happended on us soil. ( remember the first bombing of the trade center under clinton?) President Bush is suffering just as much as all of us, but it is a fight that needs to be waged. DONT ENLIST if you have a problem with it. Soliders are aware of what they are getting into when it happens. No one wants to die, yes this is true. However, people have been making the ulitmate sacrifice for their countries and countrymen since the dawn of time. Why on earth would you think that this is so unheard of? The civil war, ww1, ww2, vietnam, the list is endless. Alexander the great, ceaser, hercules, achilles. All men who fought feriocously for their beliefs. NO one is ever happy with the way their leader handles something.

Which brings me to another point. I dont see anyone protesting other countries for the lack of support in our lastest tragedy-hurricane katrina. We are more than willing to help other countries in their time of need and they demand that we do. But when our country is in crisis, where is the help. Put your efforts into a cause that needs it. The war is the war. If it wasnt us it would be someone else. My view, if your not going to help or fight, then you cant be the one to yell and scream when things arent how they should be.


Hi Gale,

Saw this and thought of you...keep on keeping on! It's about Camp Casey!

PS. Is your email address still valid? I sent you an email...


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