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August 15, 2005



You go, Gale. Rock on.


Wow. You people are nuts. I findly sickly amusing that you have convinced yourself that 'support for the troops' means to protest the very thing they believe in, and that those troops in Iraq who aren't as nutty as you are just ignorant as to what is really going on in Iraq. Who would know better as to what is Really going on there, a soldier on the ground or some kook in Crawford thinking up conspiracy theories because they can't get over the fact that their icon Hippie- John Kerry- lost the election. Get over the 60's and the election. What a bunch of sick people you are.


Not one soldier I've talked to has contridicted anything I said, including my husband and his entire battalion. You're getting your feedback from greaving families and reservesmen and guardsman who have been screwed by the stop-losses. Which understandably would upset anyone. However, no one's been lied to. What our military does in it's entirety isn't always everyones business. We went over there for a reason, and we're there for a reason, the people who are there and need to know why, know; those who aren't and don't, don't. It's that simple. I say let our government and military do their jobs. The quicker everyone leaves them be to do so, the quicker they can come home.


You all suck. Get a life or a job or something.


Why are you demanding something you have already gotten. You have met with the President and he was sympathetic to your plight. Now, the good people of america have to listen to your Michael Moorish propaganda because you realize you didnt say exactly what you wanted to. Well, lace up your field boots sweetie. Everyone wishes they had a chance to go back and resay every sceniro in their lives, but that's life. I understand your thoughts, I was once a military wife and I have been a military granddaugther. With that said, let me say this. Did you ever stop to think that your doing exactly what these crazy people want you to do. They feed off of the turmoil your causing. We as a Americans boast each and every day that we live in the best country in the world. So, why not give other oppressed country a chance to say that as well. Learn to share and play well with others and you will live a happier life. Your son believed in what he was doing, as do all soldiers. Lets give them the respect of supporting their efforts, not beat down at the very heart of their mission. Which is by the way, fighting for the very thing in which you are doing right now. To be able to voice a opinion.

Now, go back to washington and leave those poor people of crawford alone.


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