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August 15, 2005




keep doing what we can.


beautiful. thank you!


You should be ashamed of yourself taking advantage of that greiving, insane woman to further your own socialist agenda.


Thanks Ray and Bruce. You two should jump in your cars and head to Texas! You're needed here.

Jeff - stop listening to FOX news.


One question: Why pick on Bush? Why not Kerry, Hillary and Biden? They ALL voted for the war too. Because it is not the soldiers you all are really worried about. You couldn't care less. It is about your socialist agenda. C'mon... fess up! :)


Thank you, Gale.


This is incredibly moving. And you're right, it is so simple. See how it has your troll sputtering? Thank you for the heartfelt account. I will link.

Ms. Jane

Gale, your post moved me deeply and has given me the energy to get involved again. Thank you!


Thanks for posting this, Gale. That's some powerful, wonderful writing. I'll spread the word.

And I agree that it is worth it to stand our ground to end this war.


thank you all for your comments. I've been a flurry of activity trying to get ready to go back for a few days and I'm speaking at a local candlelight vigil tonight. People are ready and wanting to make a change. We have to seize this moment and keep it going til this occupation of Iraq has been ended - and get our troops home, alive.


thank you so much for doing this, and for sharing this. i'd have so much to say about this .... but it's all been said already and i just want to nod my head, bow it for a moment in silence, and try to rethink ways that i can activate.


Thank you so much for all you are doing. Just...thank you.

Don Myers

This is a great post. I wish I could join you there!

Perhaps in September we can start Camp Casey East outside the White House...

Gale Winds

Thank you Leblanc, missbanshee, and Don, for your comments. And yes Don, that is the plan, when Bush leaves Crawford to head back to D.C., Camp Casey will follow him. They will not stop.

I'm heading back in a few hours and will bring all your words of support with me in my heart.

Melissa Gira

Simply, thank you.


You all are causing a fuss for all the wrong reasons. These men and women signed up to serve their government willing, NO ONE forced them. National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty, a combat zone at some point in time could one day be a possibility when you sign those papers. And I'm telling you right now, they're proud of what they do, and what they were doing over there. Whether they agreed why they were there or not, it was and is there job and they do what they're told. And they all died proudly and honorably. And personally, protesting her son's job in his name is anything but honorable.


Shannon, there are many soldiers who are not proud of what they are doing because they realize they have been lied to. They realize they are not protecting their country, our country, from an imminent threat. Many of our soldiers signed up for duty trusting our government to only send them to kill people, and risk their own lives, for very specific reasons - to defend us from a real threat, and protect the freedoms we have cherished since our nation began. They have been betrayed and we have been lied to. While they have been honorable in their duty, our government under the leadership of George Bush has been less than honorable. And there are some people in this country who will not stand by and allow our military to be put in harms way for greed and lies. This has nothing to do with the honor of our military. It has everything to do with the honor of our nation. And we have been betrayed. If you care about our military, you will hold our government accountable for the lies they told. You will hold our government accountable for the senseless deaths they have caused. And you will demand an end to this occupation of Iraq.


Define 'Many'. In truth it is a minute minority. Less than 1%.


and which freeper site did you get that info from?


From my cousin on the ground in Iraq. He doesn't know one soldier that thinks Sheehan is even sane, let alone correct. She and her followers are little more than a joke to them, entirely clueless to what is going on in the world.

I'm sure I'll be banned now, but just had to shed some truth in this dark dismal corner of the planet.


I see, you expect the soldiers IN Iraq, who are in the middle of this insane war, to say they think Cindy is doing the honorable thing for her son and that they, too, don't believe they are fighting for a noble cause. That would go over well, I'm sure. I can imagine how safe the soldiers feel to say this to each, when they have to stay there and carry out their orders, and continue to work together and depend on each in a war zone. If the soldiers feel this way, they are smart to keep it to themselves.
And the absence of soldiers voicing opposition to being there is all the proof you need to make some statistical analyis of all the troops and claim less than 1% would agree that our President lied us into a war and that all the killing and death has been for a less than noble cause.

The 6,000 deserters don't seem to agree with the reasons they have been asked to kill people. The G.I. hotlines have been flooded with 3,500 calls a month of soldiers wanting help to get out of military service with stop-loss orders creating a backdoor draft and keeping soldiers in service long after they have completed their obligations.
Your brother won't hear from the soldiers who write home expressing their regrets about what they are being forced to do, and the soldiers who write home saying the whole thing is a mess and they don't know what they are fighting for. But I've heard these letters read by their family members who are trying to stop this war - some who will never see their loved ones again because they've already been killed, fighting in a war they did not believe was noble.

So the next time you want to throw out some statistic, have some facts to back it up please.




Read and weep


LOL - this is why I would never ban you. You provide proof that the things I write here can't be contradicted. The article you link to has nothing in it that refutes what I have written, or supports your claims. So, in other parts of the world there has been an increase in positive views of America - the reason for which the article says can't be determined as a consequence of what is happening in Iraq. The article talks about how things are improving in Iraq because more people there are buying cars and the constitution is being written - which now is in shambles and a return to fundamentalist law. And the article says morale is high in the regular army and less so in the reserves.

The article fails to mention the increased violence in Iraq, the fact they they still don't have steady supplies of electricity and water and medical care/supplies. The article gives no basis for its claim of high morale. And it certainly doesn't mention that Bush's aproval rating is plummeting and so is the American's aproval of this war.

So... you linked to that article to prove what?



I give up!!!

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