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July 18, 2005



am i in the matrix now gale? ;-Þ


haven't we always been? ;-)


yes, yes we have! haha!


Hi Gale. Just hit your fear post on RI. I hit the fear factor in 2000 while watching the US elections for the very first time in my life. (always hated politics) The moment FOX announced that Bush won, I suddenly remembered all those guys in the '90's professing "the end of the world is coming!". I told my buddy on the phone 'oh $h!t there's gonna be another war.. probably with nukes this time.' In 2004 I swore I would leave if he won, because logically there were only 2 possibilities. 1. the citizens were insane. or 2. the election was bought. Neither making a nice place to live.

Since I'm not the type to start my own revolution, I do what I can do to wake people up to reality. I believe if enough people are woken up from the brainwashing, there WILL be revolution. I see you're wide awake. If you have any friends that are not.. well then there's something you can do with all that free time.
Best Wishes,
Zero H.


D'oh! forgot to give u this: http://www.freewayblogger.com


Hi Zero,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You're the first to come over from RI.

I used to think we could start a revolution in this country and take it back for what it was intended to be, a country free from tyranny where people were free for the pursuit of happiness. I'm not so sure it is possible with the current Admin.

I think the next few months are crucial as the house of cards begins to tremble - will it be propped up or fall down? We will see...

And thanks for the link!

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