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May 10, 2005



Something about your life being unconventional? Who'da thunk? ;-)

Wishing you all the best in this.


I agree with Gudy, wish you all the best. Would LOVE to know what YOU consider "unconventional"! :)


Hang in there kid, nobody said change/growth/unconventional was easy.

But it sure is worth it. (snicker)


openess does not have to mean vulnerability. accept the love that is offered to you and use it to support your growth; the negative energy and loss of trust is something that can easily be let go and replaced. being hesitant is ok; being resistant can be destructive.

best wishes, and i know you've got it in you to make the best out of all of this.


thank you, leblanc. There is so much happening in my life and things I want to do with it - and it is difficult giving up the old resistance. But I am doing ok - just wish the change could happen more quickly at this point!

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