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April 06, 2005



You almost make me be glad that my life is so, uhm, uneventful. Although I *have* been seeing non-existant movements out of the corner of my eyes in the last few months - but that may just be the stress getting to me.

About the teeth (and this *does not* constitute qualified medical advice): If a tooth gets filled early in life, and especially if the filling is a deep one, the nerve will slowly withdraw over time until finally that tooth is indeed dead. It's also common for a dead or near-dead tooth to be more brittle than a healthy one, so parts of it may indeed break off just like that. Fixing it is not strictly necessary, but may be better
a) to prevent lesions to the tongue/inner lining of the mouth if the break left a sharp edge behind,
b) because depending on lots of factors, the missing part may change the way the forces of biting are dispersed through that tooth, thus possibly leading to more damage.

What is "weak" about those teeth? AFAIK, this is not an accepted medical diagnosis. Has their colour changed, indicating that they may be dead or brittle? Has the jaw bone retreated so that they don't sit quite as securely in their sockets as one would wish? Do they sport white or dark spots, indicating a possible decalcification (elevated risk of tooth decay) or a iodine overdose, respectively? What the heck is "weak" about them?!


Hi Gudy,
I didn't ask the dentist any of those questions because at the time it didn't concern me, and he didn't seem all that concerned either. He said if I had any pain, which I don't, or had another tooth break, then he'd do more. And that hasn't happened either. And I realize this may be nothing more than what you said. But I do wonder about all the stuff we were exposed to at GZ.

It is interesting having this "ghost" around. She doesn't scare me, just irritates me with how things disappear!


just wow.




what did your bird friend represent gale? did you have time to read about this over the weekend?

me reading this post coincides with a new friend i have that is into dream interpretation. and, i had some real metaphorical dreams saturday morning.

i wish for you that a health-insurance benefit comes from somewhere (unexpected)and you can see a doctor soon to figure out what is going on with your health.



thanks Ray and Melina for commenting!
And thanks Mel for your words of concern. I am so fed up with the insurance issue. I just can't believe how difficult and expensive it is to get it. Something will come through eventually!

Voyance serieuse

great blog much more complete and practical. It will take me months to get to "catch up" late.
A big thank you.

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