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October 09, 2004



"One two Freddy's coming for you..." :)

Maybe it's a friendly ghost?


oooo Freddy! Whatever it is, I've never really been afraid. Just kinda spooked that one night with my dog freaking out.


just ignore this a minute.




So. This has followed you from one place to another? Ever think it's your bed that's haunted?

I do the insomnia thing, but I'm not haunted thank the stars (or the ghost managers who assign them to people).


Now you've done it. I never thought of that before. For a long time, in different homes, had this thing about not wanting to sleep in my bed. Sometimes have gone weeks with sleeping on the couch. But always thought it was because having the tv helped distract me. Like when I get in my bed, I lay there thinking I should be asleep, and can't sleep. But on the couch, I watch tv til I just fall asleep. I sleep in my bed sometimes, when I'm really tired so I don't have to "fall asleep". I'm out.

But, this is an antique bed. It belonged to my grandparents. But they neither one had orangey red hair. I haven't always thought I had a ghost in my bedroom when I've lived other places. I did when I was young, but I didn't have this bed then. But now I'm feeling creepy about my bed.


Sorry.... Got a guest room you can move it to? Maybe it's just the mattress? The bedding?

I say if you've felt "unhaunted" in places where you've had your bed, it's not your bed. But I don't discount the creepy feeling you can get about places or things - I've had it before and can't shake it. Sometimes it fades, sometimes you have to change something. I'd start with some basic redecorating, or some "postive energy" mojo thing, an actual thing that feels protective and loving to you. If it's all in your head, that should work. If it's not, that still might work.

Whatever you do, I hope you figure it out. I have insomnia all the time, but part of it is just not getting my ass to bed. I'd hate it if that were compounded with a bad feeling about my bedroom or bed. You got my sympathies.


I should do a cleansing ritual or something. I haven't done that in this house and I've been here a year. I've done it in other homes I've lived in. And then, yes, some nice decorating!

I think I'm naturally a night owl. If I could sleep from 2 or 3 a.m. til 10 a.m. each day, I would be very happy. For some reason, I just can't seem to sleep at 10 p.m. I don't think this is insomnia. Is it?


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